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Patagonia Alaska is a non-profit organization, The mission is give wings for science, to combat the climate change. The objectives are promote environmental care, power up science and experimental aviation. Aditionally it is a symbol to inspire following dreams and thinking positive. 

Join the first Scientific Aero-Expedition with an Argentinian Experimental Aircraft


The incomplete combustion of fuels containing carbon (such as gasoline, diesel, natural gas, wood and other biomasses) results in the emission of aerosols. These tiny particles which pollute the air and are harmful to people’s health. One of these emissions is soot, known by its scientific name: Black Carbon (BC). It is inert and can be transported over great distances. It is also highly absorbent to sunlight, which is the reason for its name – it has a very black appearance.

Planet Earth is getting warmer. Black Carbon is the second most important climate forcer after CO2 and the first indicator for air quality. Millions of people worldwide suffer from air pollution. The sea level is rising fast. Biomass burning, transport and industry emit large amounts of Black Carbon into the air.

We can act if we know the problem.

Patagonia Alaska project will take off with an experimental aircraft in April 2022 from the southern most city of the world (Ushuahia, Argentina) up to the northern most point of America (Point Borrow, Alaska). Equipped with an inlet on the wing, with tubing carrying the sampled air to the latest model of Aethalometer will provide accurate data in real-time about black carbon concentration. It has already been demonstrated that an instrumented lightweight aircraft can provide valuable information on BC concentrations, their regional heterogeneity and vertical profiles with a minor payload and for a fraction of the cost associated with large airborne platforms. We hope this campaign will initiate a change of the measurement paradigm and a start of measurements campaigns on a really large scale.

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Our Partners

Patagonia Alaska Fly-in Climate Change would not be possible without the support of our friends, partners, and many people who are helping us during preparation. We want to thank all these people and companies for their positive attitude and belief in this great nature-friendly aviation and human adventure.

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