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  • Flights and routes done. 4 main goals.

  • More than 40.000 Km.  More than 150 survey hours.

  • Joining the America's continent, around 22 countries.

  • Flying amazing regions, Patagonia, Amazonas, Caribe, North America up to Alaska.

  • Scientific presentations and many Media exhibitions.

Wings for Science. Patagonia Alaska. Correcaminos. Tinti Escobar. Guillermo Casamayu. Rada Tilly. Black Carbon. Climate Change. Argentina Alaska.

Projects Background

Antartica 2024

Actually Patagonia Alaska is planning an Antarctica's project.


All Around Argentina 2023

Actually Patagonia Alaska is finishing all the preparation to fly from Ushuaia up to La Quiaca via Ruta 40, then Iguazu, Córdoba, Buenos Aires and Cabo Virgenes via Ruta 3. 10.000 km of survey.

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